Kate Mulvey : Why I Love Large Men

Makale ve Benzeri 22 Mayıs 2009 Kate Mulvey : Why I Love Large Men
Kate Mulvey : Why I Love Large Men

SIZE matters, doesn’t it? Whether we like our men fat, short, thin or tall we all have a particular romantic template when it comes to choosing a mate and I have to admit my ideal man is 6ft tall and fat.

Yes, there it is. As far as I’m concerned the outsized male (OM) is the last of the real men. More bulk than beauty, the OM has shoulders like the QE2, hands like JCB diggers and a stomach more medicine ball than six-pack.

The rippled torso of Tom Cruise or the snake-hipped charm of Leonardo DiCaprio are not for me. Give me belly in the bedroom any day. I’d like to point out that I’m not advocating a taste for lovable little podgers. A roly-poly fat man with sausage fingers and an unmuscled body is far from attractive.

When I say big I mean big. Remember him in the American TV soap The Sopranos? He was the balding fat bloke who strutted around half naked with his generous stomach hanging out, eating and giving orders with equal gusto.

These men – think Gérard Depardieu, Michael Madsen and – are a heady mixture of tough dominance and avuncular reassurance that ultimately is more thrilling than your wimpy, moisturised metrosexual.

why i love larger men

Yes, they may have a love handle or two but the extra weight is part of their appeal. There is something wonderfully comforting about resting your head on a chest the size of a small country. The OM is simply a cut above the rest. Standing out in a sea of metrosexuals he is completely at ease with himself. Life is too short to diet and – along with you – food is one of his greatest pleasures. He marches confidently through life with you on one arm and an enormous slice of pizza in the other.

The OM may not be the best looking guy in the room but he will often look as if he’s in charge. My OM Giles was a 6ft rugby player. Part Mike Tindall, part Wayne Rooney, he had thighs like hams and a forehead that was more Neanderthal man than modern day human. I fell for him immediately.

Every time he looked at me, dominant and in charge, I would come over all girlie. These days a lot of women are tired of being fabulously independent, ordering men around in the boardroom and mending their own sink, I wonder if we don’t all need a bit of rescuing.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with the Clive “I-just-cut-myself-on-your-cheekbones” Owen sex appeal but the truth is some women are simply programmed to prefer the larger male. There must be a primordial reason. Like the alpha ape thundering through the jungle scattering little betas out of the way, the OM is often top dog and used to being in control.

The OM was born big. His unusually burly frame will have marked him out in the playground and other children will often have looked at him as a natural leader.

I’m beginning to suspect there are unconscious strategies that Mother Nature uses to trigger certain responses and we tend to associate girth with power, strength and the ability to provide.

History is littered with powerhouses conquering countries and creating empires – think Henry VIII, Churchill and Kissinger to name but a few.

Whenever Giles walked into a room people would change their demeanour, not much but there would be a shuffle here and a glance there, as if they weren’t quite sure what he’d do next. He would look after me, my sisters, his mother, aunt, you name it, every woman turned into a damsel in distress in his presence.

There are also some practical advantages to dating an OM. He has strong arms – handy for carrying things such as shopping – and he will fend off burglars with a mere slap of his huge hands. He will not go on silly diets or clutter up the bathroom and he will never ask if he can borrow your moisturiser.

why i love larger men

Clothes say a lot about the person and the key to being a successful OM is to dress accordingly. Don’t let him go down the baggy-is-better route or he will end up looking like a tent. Ditto with trousers. You don’t want to step out with Coco the Clown. The best look is smart casual. Well-cut suits or good jeans and a shirt is the best way for the OM to get the look.

And when it comes to looks you’ll have the upper hand. Call me insecure but having dinner with a man who is cuter than you is more likely to make you run for the self-help books than feel beautiful. No I’m sticking with the OM and that’s final.

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